Retail Management

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Inventory control

Intuitive stock control processes are part of Clubware’s truly professional retail management solution.  Functions include automatically debiting stock levels at POS and during stocktaking, establishing re-order levels for stock, and generating orders for suppliers at the touch of a button.

Stock levels can also be managed from a single location for one or many branches.  This enables orders to be placed on behalf of other branches from head office, with reports available on margins, shrinkage and profitability. 

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Multiple methods of payment

With Clubware you can accept payments by cash, EFTPOS, credit card, cheque, voucher or a combination of any of the above.  Receipts can be printed at the time of sale or past purchases can be located and receipts re-printed.  Accurate reports on methods of purchase are also easy to generate using integrated reporting tools.

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Member details

Clubware’s POS tools integrate with memberships so you can see all the purchases made by a member over time.  Members can also pay for their accounts through this system.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Clubware’s intuitive touch screen-compatible POS screen makes retail sales at your facility effortless.  There are various functions including audit trails enabling purchases to be linked to staff members so you can audit POS results and see product sales by staff, as well as built-in Z-Off reporting to ensure the accuracy of your cash drawers.

Integration of the POS screen with cash drawers and barcode scanners, and the ability to provide discounts and refunds make for fast and easy POS operations.